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Siouxland Lean Consortium

About Us

Who is the Siouxland Lean Consortium?

The Siouxland Lean Consortium is a group of organizations and individuals who are teaching, practicing or interested in learning about Lean business practices.


Vision (Why we exist, our ideal state)

Organizations and individuals are utilizing Lean thinking to continuously improve.


Mission (What we do)

We facilitate collaborative environments and activities to engage in Lean development.


Core Values (Who we are, how we act)

Curiosity – We have a desire to learn more about Lean.

Collaboration – We openly share our lean knowledge with integrity and respect.


What does the Siouxland Lean Consortium do?

The SLC meets regularly at member sites.  There are no dues or other fees and the goal of each meeting, and the motivation to host, is to utilize the forum in the host organization's best interest. 

Hosts can:

  • Tour and show what has been done for benchmarking purposes.

  • Solicit advice from other forum participants.

  • Utilize forum participants to explain concepts to organization members.

  • Use the session for specific training from the list of reference material.

The Siouxland Lean Consortium along with other partners also co-host an annual regional lean conference each year.

Area Lean Groups:
Iowa Lean Consortium
5L Neb Lean Collaborative.png
Consortium Dropbox Folder:

This Dropbox Folder was created to help Siouxland Lean Consortium members share Lean Tools, Forms, Training Material or whatever else you think could benefit other consortium members and companies. All presentations from our annual conferences are in the Dropbox Folder. Go ahead take a look at what is currently shared by clicking on the Dropbox icon to the left. Feel free to take anything that you feel you can use. To share your documents and forms with other members in the consortium contact any board member to become a Dropbox Member.

Siouxland Lean Consortium

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