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Lean 101
Speaker: Jesse DePriest

Jesse is a Lean/SS Black Belt with over 25 years’ leadership experience in operations, lean, and change management. Jesse has held a variety of leadership positions in manufacturing and service industries including Director of Continuous Improvement, General Manager, Sales/Business Development, Product Management, Operations, Customer Service, and Product Development. He holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Science in Operations Management, an MBA, and served in the US Army for eight years as an officer and helicopter pilot. Jesse is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) Implementer, an Adjunct Professor for Operations Management at Midland University MBA program, and teaches lean fundamentals at the Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. Jesse is a Value Stream Owner at First National Bank of Omaha and provides lean coaching and consulting services on the side. In addition to speaking and training at various lean events, Jesse serves on the ILC Advisory Board and facilitates monthly lean coffees in the Omaha area.


Presentation Concept: 

 An introduction to lean for beginners. This breakout session will provide learners a brief history and definition of lean, an understanding of waste, and how to define a problem. Through the discussion, and consistent with the “House of Lean” framework, learners will be introduced to several lean techniques and methods through a teamwork simulation that requires process improvement using visual management and teamwork to achieve higher levels of performance.  The course will conclude with a group reflection and practical experiences that can be immediately applied to real work environments.  


Potential Learning Objectives: 
  1. Understand the origins and a definition of lean.

  2. Identify the 8-wastes and define a problem.

  3. Employ teamwork to improve a process using simple visual management and ‘challenge.’

Siouxland Lean Consortium